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Domestic Labour – A Study in Love (30 Bird / Escalator East To Edinburgh)

By | Published on Wednesday 6 August 2014

Asthmatics beware: ‘Domestic Labour’ stirs up quite a bit of dust. Literally. At one point a cloud of dust fills the air – while undoubtedly visually arresting, this initiated a chorus of coughs and had me reaching for my inhaler. Nevertheless, there’s much to like in this entertaining blend of drama and physical theatre; the movement in particular was excellent, as was the creative use of household appliances as props. It’s not simply a string of vignettes, though, and it’s the overarching narrative that lets the play down: there is a story here, but it’s fragmented and incoherent. As such, it doesn’t lend the whole thing the structural cohesion it needs, leaving this an engaging but ironically messy production.

Summerhall, until 23 Aug.
tw rating 3/5 | [Andrew Leask]