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Barge Baby (Bricks and Mortar)

By | Published on Saturday 23 August 2014

I have to hand it to the cast of ‘Barge Baby’ for soldiering on despite some disruptive, drunken audience members in the front row. It’s a testament to their commitment to the show that they didn’t miss a beat. The weak link here is the writing. Barge Baby sees a family congregate on their house boat for the birth of a grandchild. As inevitable themes of love and malcontent bubble to the surface the characters begin to dissect their own status, with grandmother Mary the most interesting and thoughtfully portrayed. However these ideas are never convincingly explored. Disjointed scenes are punctuated by an extraneous chorus of ducks who waddle their way around scene changes. This production brims with unrealised potential.

C nova, until 25 Aug.
tw rating 2/5 | [Hannah Cutting]