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The Reviewers (Charlesworth And Holland Productions)

By | Published on Thursday 14 August 2014

You would hope for a Fringe show about a Fringe show to be silly and self-referential. ‘The Reviewers’ doesn’t disappoint. The story of a festival under the thumb of a hatchet-job reviewer, it’s bursting with jokes, top-notch physical comedy and neat meta twists. The plot is a threadbare, wispy little thing, but that doesn’t matter for instance, a rather cheap plotline resolution is done with such a spot-on, subtle parody of ‘Les Misérables’ that the show gets away with it. The cast are (mostly) great singers and the songs are catchy and memorable. It’s possibly a bit too Fringe and therefore not that accessible, I can imagine a first-timer being utterly bewildered. For everyone else though, it’s an hour of joy.

Greenside @ Nicolson Square, until 23 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Jon Stapley]