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Character Limit (Try This At Home)

By | Published on Thursday 7 August 2014

With catchy tunes such as ‘FML’ and ‘Be My Gimp’, ‘Character Limit’ is a punchy, tongue-in-cheek send up of internet culture. Anyone even slightly acquainted with social media will find the show’s satire instantly recognisable, with the very real politics of sending birthday messages on Facebook raising more than one guilty-as-charged chuckle from the audience. The problem with ribbing the internet, however, is that memes and hashtags burn and fade so quickly. By the time you’ve written the songs and hired the venue, the conversation has already moved on to something even more irrelevant and silly, leaving your show feeling weirdly dated. So, the show is #funny and the cast are #talented, but is the whole thing even #relevant?

C too, until 9 Aug.
tw rating 3/5 | [Patricia-Ann Young]