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Mosaico Flamenco (Alba Flamenca)

By | Published on Monday 18 August 2014

This exciting collaboration between jazz, folk and flamenco musicians was an intense labour of love. A recreation of the album ‘Tierra’ by Vicente Amigo, the album made a lasting impression on Spanish guitarist Andrew Robinson, so he called together some skilled musicians with diverse styles and personalities – this foot stomping night is the result. Fiddle player Heather Kennedy was a school friend and he met the others on his journey from classical to Spanish guitar. I was taken by the passion of singer and palmos artist Danielo Olivera and by the cheekiness of drummer David Montes. If I had been able to close my eyes I could have been in Spain! But close my eyes and miss this? No way, José!

Alba Flamenca, until 24 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Louise Rodgers]