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Elsa Jean McTaggart and Miss Irenie Rose

By | Published on Monday 18 August 2014

A sibling duo from the Isle of Lewis, Elsa Jean McTaggart and Miss Irenie Rose offer a session of melodic folk, lifted by ethereal harmonies, soulful songwriting and accomplished musical skill. Though Irenie Rose looks less comfortable on stage than her older sister, the two are matched with equal talents on a collection of instruments including the melodian and fiddle. The frequent smiles and visible bond between the two adds a real dose of warmth to the performance. One tune on the tin whistle is wistful enough to leave me welling up a little, and songs of the Highland Clearances, departed relatives and journeys of all kinds are tinged with bittersweet nostalgia. A lovely respite from the milling festival crowds outside.

SpaceCabaret @ 54, until 22 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Laura Gavin]