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The Chronic Single’s Handbook (Randy Ross)

By | Published on Sunday 17 August 2014

Dear god. Self-professed ‘Chronic Single’ Randy Ross presents the story of a four-month trip around the world, during which he searched for a woman to lift him out of the doldrums. Based on what resulted, I think there’s a serious problem with his attitude towards women (they’re “crazy”, apparently). His stories frequently end on unpleasant notes, and the ‘jokes’ are just bizarre. At one point, Ross tells us he received a sexual favour from a South African woman, who then asked for money to feed her starving child. The joke, we discover, is that she overcharged him. In what warped universe is that funny? There are so few genuine jokes that I don’t understand why this is even listed as a comedy. An uncomfortable, bewildering experience.

theSpace @ Surgeon’s Hall, until 16 Aug.
tw rating 1/5 | [Jon Stapley]