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Laurence Clark – Moments of Instant Regret (CKP in association with Beyond Compere)

By | Published on Monday 11 August 2014

Lawrence Clark’s latest show sees him relive some of his most head-in-hands awkward and embarrassing moments – those that haunt him to this day. The theme is instant regret, which for Clark usually means saying something that doesn’t turn out to be quite as righteous and justified as he first thought. This is a focused, tight and most importantly hilarious show, that sees Clark regaling the audience with tale after tale. Equipped with a slide show and some fantastic one-liners, he shares with us his frustrations and the anger that sometimes get the better of him. Laurence Clark is a delight to spend an hour with and it’s his charisma that really holds this show together.

Assembly George Square Theatre, until 24 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [James McColl]