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Laughter Is The Worst Medicine (Lost Voice Guy)

By | Published on Tuesday 5 August 2014

Most performers worry about technical problems because they don’t want to recite their heartbreaking monologue in the dark. But for Lost Voice Guy, a power failure would ruin the whole show. He can’t talk due to his disability, so he uses an iPad to communicate. In this amusing tale about last year’s Fringe, when he ended up in hospital with pneumonia, he covers everything from disability and Mr Man books, to a death-match against Stephen Hawking. His comedy is extremely self-deprecating; laddish but ultimately charming, and the iPad limits the pace, making for a slower, more considered show. Lost Voice Guy nearly died last summer but, while laughter may not have cured him, he’s certainly made a remarkable recovery.

The Assembly Rooms, until 24 Aug.
tw rating 3/5