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David Jesudason – Things My Dad Says (David Jesudason / Free Festival)

By | Published on Sunday 31 August 2014

Only after 35 minutes does David Jesudason start telling us things his dad says. The rest is observations about racial stereotyping he endured as the son of a Malaysian immigrant in a predominantly white area. The race-based comedy feels a bit stale and artificial, and although he wants the audience to join him in disgust for the casual racism he encountered, he quite happily – and quite viciously – mocks a girl he knew for being fat. Then the quotations from his dad peddle the same regressive, stereotyping humour that he has condemned for 35 minutes. One or two jokes hit the mark but, stumbling frequently over his punchlines and failing address his own hypocrisy, Jesudason’s set falls flat.

Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters, until 24 Aug.
tw rating 2/5 | [Tim Bano]