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Brendon Burns And Colt Cabana Sit In A 150 Seater At 10pm And Provide The Commentary To Bad Wrestling Matches (Brendon Burns and Colt Cabana)

By | Published on Friday 8 August 2014

If you are even remotely familiar with how absurd (WWF/WWE) pro-wrestling can become, then you will thoroughly enjoy this hour. Brendon Burns is a great comedian. When paired up with pro-wrestler, podcaster and all-round funny man Colt Cabana, the laughs are inevitable. Add to that a different guest every night, and this unlikely tag team are guaranteed to put on a great show. A lot of the hilarity comes from the stunningly ridiculous clips of wrestling at its worst, but the true highlight is the camaraderie between our two hosts. It’s obvious that Burns and Cabana really enjoy doing this, and that’s reflected in their relaxed demeanour and the easy way they draw laughs from the crowd.

Stand In The Square, until 23 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [David O’Connor]