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Beta Males – Happenstance (Ditto Productions)

By | Published on Friday 8 August 2014

‘Happenstance’ starts off well enough, providing a few chuckles here and there. But it’s when the show accelerates into fifth gear that it becomes something really quite special. As the minutes and the sketches pass, the jokes become more frequent, more subtle and somehow more obvious at the same time. The Beta Males craft an entire comedy world together, and the chemistry between them makes even the less hilarious sketches worth watching. Between their attention to detail and pure physical exertion, the guys must be exhausted after each show, and deserved every second they overran (apparently they overrun a lot!). ‘Happenstance’ is a show that has it all: music, hunting humans, comedy and, of course, farce in spades.

Pleasance Courtyard, until 25 Aug.
tw rating 5/5 | [David O’Connor]