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Andy De La Tour Stand-Up Or Die In New York (Gilded Balloon)

By | Published on Friday 15 August 2014

Andy De La Tour was in at the start of ‘alternative comedy’, and opens by sticking his V’s up at Rik Mayall in “comedy heaven”: a fitting tribute. He retired from comedy in 1990, but 20 years later went to New York and started from scratch, blagging slots at open mic nights. Maybe it played better over there, an affable English guy doing quaint observations: Tea Party supporters, the fuss about Obamacare, that sort of thing. Mind you, it wouldn’t have been four year-old ‘topical’ material then. If this were, say, a Book Festival Q&A it’d be perfectly amiable. As stand up, if Rik Mayall was watching, even with eternity to contemplate, he’d have probably still ended up checking his watch.

Gilded Balloon, until 25 Aug.
tw rating 2/5 | [Bruce Blacklaw]