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Andrew Maxwell Hubble Bubble (Brett Vincent For Get Comedy)

By | Published on Saturday 9 August 2014

An Irishman’s views on the Scottish referendum? Not only that but he’s a London-based one: this could turn nasty. Maxwell draws attention to this at the start of show, pointing out that this is likely to divide the room instantly. Fortunately for the audience he has the wit, charm and intelligence to pull it off. Maxwell clearly has a good-humoured taste for ridiculousness, and takes delight in mocking the paranoid proclamations of the Yes and No campaigns. He’s clearly in his element when making topical jokes about almost anything newsworthy. Perhaps it’s a bit too preachy at times (Maxwell certainly seems pleased with his soapbox), but it’s still the most enjoyable lecture that I’ve ever been too.

The Assembly Rooms, until 12 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Charlotte Taylor]