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Duck, Death And The Tulip (Little Dog Barking Theatre)

By | Published on Sunday 24 August 2014

This was a beautifully rendered, touching piece, the story of a duck who meets with Death; not a fearsome, frightening death, but an approachable and endearing Death, who comes not as a dark entity to share Duck’s final days, but as a friend, armed with tea and sandwiches. The simple but highly effective black-stage puppetry effects make the show a mesmerising sight for anyone of any age, and it is guaranteed to engage young children for at least a time. It does move quite slowly though, and it’s not every child that can cope with a slow moving theatre piece, no matter how brilliantly it is conveyed; I think that could prove a drawback for very little ones. Delightfully done, though, and really quite tear-inducing at the end.

Summerhall, until 24 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Caro Moses]