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We Are All Orange Ghosts (Dan Simpson / PBH’s Free Fringe)

By | Published on Tuesday 20 August 2013

One of the four ghosts in ‘Pacman’ is coded a little differently to the others. The orange one – Clyde – is a little less self assured than Inky, Blinky and Pinky, and moves around the maze more erratically and less systematically than his phantom compadres. There is then, Dan Simpson argues, a little Clyde in all of us. The premise is endearingly nerdy, but technicality is where this poet stumbles. Rhythmically, it’s not complex or patterned enough to distinguish from his prose, and by the end things have become more than a little self-indulgent. But Simpson is affable and the mock-lecture format is a promising idea. You’ll leave knowing more about the ‘Pacman’ franchise than you thought possible. A geeky pursuit, perhaps, but a worthy one.

The Fiddler’s Elbow, until 18 Aug, 2.45pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Elizabeth Jewell]