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Tony Benn and Richard Holloway – Two Old Gits (Fair Pley / The Assembly Rooms)

By | Published on Thursday 29 August 2013

For alleged old gits, they sure attract a big crowd. Polar personalities perhaps, an ex-bishop alongside an ex-MP, but both set great store by core beliefs and simple common sense. Candid and maverick, they generate laughter and applause in turn. Politics, religion, and morality form the dominant themes, but the heavy subject matter is balanced by a light-hearted manner, Alan Taylor’s tongue-in-cheek mediation contributing much to this. Two audience members let the side down by droning on with self-indulgent monologues in place of questions but, on the whole, an enjoyable hour. I departed in a good mood, even a little inspired.

The Assembly Rooms, until 14 Aug, 12.30pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Sophie Baggott]