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Head Hand Head (Laura Jane Dean)

By | Published on Saturday 3 August 2013

This intense new act provides a fascinating and thought-provoking insight into obsessive-compulsive disorder. The performance begins with a look into a mirror, which is fitting, as the piece holds a mirror up to life; but one that magnifies every ordinary anxiety. A painfully self-aware sufferer of mental illness, the narrator skilfully draws the audience into her worrying world, finding the menace in the mundane. Her mesmeric voice, accompanied by dreamlike music, delivers a repetitive script that goes round in circles like a trapped train of thought. As a depiction of the journey into mental illness, it was a gripping and powerful piece. If you are interested in understanding mental health, or simply feeling introspective, this is the show for you.

C nova, until 13 Aug, 3.30pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Isobel Steer]