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Free History Walking Tours of the Royal Mile (Edinburgh Festival Voluntary Guide Association)

By | Published on Sunday 18 August 2013

You have to question the logic of hosting a walking tour on the Royal Mile at the height of festival time. It’s an idea that falters a bit in theory and unfortunately translates the same way in practice. Conducting a tour of a busy street would always be difficult, but adding a horde of attention-baiting performers makes it almost impossible to hear, never mind concentrate on what’s being said. Our tour guide never raised his voice higher than regular speaking level, which left a lot of people at the back looking very confused. What I could hear was very interesting – perhaps this tour would be better suited to an Edinburgh in a lesser state of excitement.

Edinburgh City Chambers (Meeting Point), until 26 Aug, 10.00am, 2.00pm.
tw rating 2/5 [Patricia-Ann Young]