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Dear Doctor Cullen (Sibbald Library Productions)

By | Published on Friday 16 August 2013

A life and times of one of the ‘stars’ of the Enlightenment, ‘Dear Doctor Cullen’ documents the professional career of one of Scotland’s brilliant but forgotten sons. Commemorating the painstaking work that went into digitising all of Cullen’s letters, the talk is incredibly informative and very well presented. The speakers were funny and charming, and Elaine Purdle’s renditions of the doctor’s correspondence gained more than a few chuckles. But while we get to examine some of the absurdities of 18th century medicine, it’s hardly the sexiest era of Scottish history and proceedings are occasionally a little dense. Informative, but maybe more suitable for hardcore history buffs.

The Royal College of Physicians, until 10 Aug (not 4), 11.00am.
tw rating 3/5 [Patricia-Ann Young]