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Timurid Beasties – A Magical Menagerie Of Furniture, Rugs, Artefacts And Jewellery

By | Published on Sunday 4 August 2013

As you enter The Nomads Tent, you will quietly wonder to yourself whether Fringe Venue 142 is in fact just a rug shop. And as you leave the Nomads Tent, you will mutter under your breath that it is, in fact, just a rug shop. A grand arch into a back room proudly announces Timurid Beasties as being the establishment’s (read: rug shop’s) 31st Fringe exhibition. Walk through it, and you will find the same string of Persian rugs and wooden elephants you found on the other side, with a handful of brief blurbs about Iranian history. This is a joke on us, but it’s a fairly boring one and barely worth the walk down Clerk Street. Nice rugs, though.

The Nomads Tent, until 26 Aug, 10.00am to 5.00pm.
tw rating 2/5 | [James Hampson]