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Barbara Rae – Original Prints (Almondbrig Pictures)

By | Published on Wednesday 21 August 2013

Barbara Rae is an internationally acclaimed painter and printmaker, and for good reason. Her use of colour is bold and emotive with the occasional well placed flash of metallic or neon, and her brushwork is as intricate as it is apparently haphazard. As you descend the steps to this particular exhibition you’ll be greeted with a piece that boldly declares “Killala” – a striking image that hints at the treasures within. This reviewer was especially taken with her more unusual collage work that is in the exhibit; her ‘Inishkeas’ in particular, and her more recent collages from her trip to Florence this year are quite magnificent. What’s also rather charming is that everything, right down to the furniture, is for sale.

Dundas Gallery, until 25 Aug (not 17), 11.00am, 1.00pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Jasmine Faller]