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Why Is John Lennon Wearing A Skirt? (Claire Dowie)

By | Published on Wednesday 21 August 2013

One woman who wants to be John Lennon, many outfits and a powerful dialogue that explores thought provoking issues – a show that will leave you questioning society. Claire Dowie is both comical and mind blowing in this hilarious satire that explores the gender binaries. At first you are chuckling away at Claire in a school uniform, then she starts pulling on a pair of tights, taking the audience on a hilarious journey through female roles and dress codes. Claire makes you want to leap away from the side lines and jump into the action as she discusses how restricting a skirt is. It’s well constructed, entertaining and flawlessly performed.

Hill Street Theatre, until 25 Aug, 5.30pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Lyndsay Snoddon]