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Where Late The Sweet Bird Sang (Sweet Bird Productions)

By | Published on Sunday 25 August 2013

‘Where Late The Sweet Bird Sang’ is a funny and touching story of two monks reminiscing about their time at the monastery and the dissolving of that life thanks to King Henry VIII. It’s quite a long play but David Brett and John Burrows make the hour and a half fly by with their heart-felt, captivating, and sometimes slightly slap-stick performances. Despite its humour and comical character changes this play has some quite serious themes which it addresses with an innocence which is marvellous to behold. This one will leave you smiling and/or crying in a happy/sad/thoughtful kind of a way, and not many plays manage to achieve that.

Gryphon Venues at the Point Hotel, until 24 Aug, 9.45pm.

tw rating 4/5 | [Jasmine Faller]