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Vinegar Tom (Warwick University Drama Society)

By | Published on Sunday 4 August 2013

“I’m not a witch but I wish I was”. The feminist debate of this 1976 play by Caryl Churchill, set in the seventeenth century, lacks passion and emphasis within initial scenes. But the punk music intervals are performed by talented vocalists backed by a lively band, and the musical finale displays the enthusiasm that was lacking in the cast’s earlier performance. The concluding composition of ‘Evil Women’, a raunchy and comedic rendition, consists of all the right ingredients to brew up a potion that will bring audiences in throughout the Fringe. But is it enough to make up for the half-hearted moral stand of the earlier scenes, or would you send these feminists to be hanged?

C nova, until 13 Aug, 7.10pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Rebecca Lunn]