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The Tin Ring (Human Remain)

By | Published on Wednesday 7 August 2013

Sometimes the smallest gestures can be the most profound. Solo performer Jane Arnfield lets the story speak for itself in this sparse but engaging production, based on the memoirs of Holocaust survivor Zdenka Fantlova. Excellently and convincingly acted, the text is rich with tiny, poignant details which reveal its subject as a warm, fierce and extraordinary woman. Despite the high emotional pitch, Arnfield’s well-judged performance keeps the play from ever becoming numbing. She deftly handles shifts in time and tone and occasionally finds surprising humour in recollections of the beautiful scenery of Belsen, or stolen moments with a lover amidst the horrors of a concentration camp. A lucid, understated account of a life touched by terrible events and sustained by hope.

Summerhall, until 25 Aug, 8.00pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Dave Fargnoli]