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The State Vs John Hayes (Bearded Company Theatre)

By | Published on Wednesday 14 August 2013

Lucy Roslyn has taken on her character so absolutely that her black eyes burned with cold depth, her uniquely strong voice ruling the audience. Latecomers and a firework display outside couldn’t possibly faze her. She played with them. With themes of murder and multiple personality disorder, Roslyn drew inspiration from real life cases to create a stark new script. A Death Row cell; details of the crime dripped, piece by piece, in a Southern drawl. Having held out on these for an hour, the end is bluntly abrupt. It seemed to promise something monumental, only to have the lights suddenly go down. Highly discomfiting, it still manages to drag from the audience twisted smiles and half-ashamed laughs. Beautifully brutal.

C nova, until 26 Aug (not 12), 9.50pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Amber-Page Moss]