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The Project (Nottingham New Theatre)

By | Published on Thursday 8 August 2013

An ambitious combination of theatre and dance that questions the complicity of the spectator in morally ambiguous entertainment, ‘The Project’ feels more like an idea in progress than a coherent piece. It focuses on a woman with an initially unexplained “condition”, to be treated by her enforced participation in a performance designed both to rehabilitate participants and entertain an audience. The premise of what people condone in the name of entertainment raises pertinent questions – especially given topical parallels with an era of arguably exploitative reality television. But ‘The Project’ feels like it misses an opportunity to really shock its audience into exploring these in depth, leaving a production that never quite makes you as uncomfortable as it probably should.

Zoo, until 26 Aug (even dates only), 8.30pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Sarah Richardson]