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The Canterbury Tales (Running Torch Theatre Company)

By | Published on Sunday 18 August 2013

If it weren’t for the artistry of Chaucer, this ‘storytelling’ show would have little to recommend it. Two of the tales are tiresomely narrated and enacted with the help of a bizarre jumble of accessories that the young players simply throw on over their own clothes. The acting is just about as wooden as the spoon substituting a sword and the constant background pop songs seem pointless and get somewhat tiring. The rather too large cast do make a great effort in what seems to be a burlesque take on a medieval story that’s been reworked for centuries, and you can’t fault their enthusiasm. But without a hint of the fabliau’s amusement, this production sadly falls flat on its face.

theSpace on Niddry Street, until 10 Aug, 1.30pm.
tw rating 1/5 | [Natasha Gartside]