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Squally Showers (Little Bulb Theatre / Farnham Maltings / Garage / Escalator East to Edinburgh)

By | Published on Friday 16 August 2013

‘Squally Showers’ intersperses scenes of daily life in the offices of an 80s TV company (complete with period wigs and moustaches) with hypnotic dance sequences, where the characters gyrate among clouds of bubbles. The dialogue is as snappy as the movements, and the characterisation impeccable. Dreamlike scenes counterbalance the occasionally colourless office drama, lending weight and poetry to the characters’ emotions; while the office scenes give relief from the confusion of seeing someone in a Margaret Thatcher mask beating an alien, a wolf and a unicorn with an inflatable world globe. A funny, engaging and elegant piece of theatre, with the power to bewitch.

Zoo Southside, until Aug 24, 9.00pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Eilidh Johnstone]