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Sandpits Avenue (Boneyard Theatre)

By | Published on Thursday 29 August 2013

Excellent music and a lyrical script feature magnificently alongside energetic choreography as a group of young adults try to understand death and changing lives. Sandpit focuses on the ease with which young adults develop a daily life without direction, a lifestyle that profits the military as well as the clubs and drugs industries. This is a harrowing tale of personalities and relationships destroyed by war, drugs and broken dreams. Suitably, the end is a bookmark in the story, the lives of the characters continue and the redeemed soul has found direction. Cleverly choreographed and passionately sung, Sandpit is an energetic discussion of war and global capitalism married expertly to the challenges of young relationships. Worth it for the script alone.

Zoo Southside, until 26 Aug (not 20), 2.20pm.
tw rating 5/5 | [Sam Turner]