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Murder, Marple And Me (Gilded Balloon)

By | Published on Thursday 22 August 2013

A surprisingly audacious piece of theatre, Philip Meeks’ ‘Murder, Marple and Me’ takes aspects of postmodern theatre and applies them with aplomb to that bastion of staid, respectable British fiction: Miss Jane Marple. Janet Prince is magnificent, playing three distinct roles: childlike, quirky Margaret Rutherford, who played Marple in the 60s; icy, detached Agatha Christie, who created the character; and Marple herself, who delivers wry asides and keen observations throughout. The play cleverly adopts and subverts aspects of the murder-mystery genre, as Christie seeks to unravel the mysteries of Rutherford’s dark family history. I was absolutely enthralled by Prince’s performance, and judging by the warm, rapturous applause she received, in this I was not alone.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, until 25 Aug, 12.00pm.
tw rating 5/5 [Andrew Leask]