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How To Avoid Making An Entrance Of Yourself (Dot Howard / Escalator East To Edinburgh)

By | Published on Sunday 11 August 2013

An act so out of the box that it has crawled out of the box, into the bag, and then eaten the bag. I assure you, this is not merely a metaphor. An avant-garde piece of performance art, this is probably one of the most interesting things at the Fringe. It features fabulously inventive props, sign language and possibly the only known incidence of enjoyable audience interaction. The two performers are rarely on stage at the same time, making this feel essentially like a solo show. The theme of ‘making an entrance’ is explored, from stage entrances to birth. Each segment in turn leaves you laughing, uneasy, incredulous, laughing again and, ultimately, thoughtful about the nature of theatre and art.

Pleasance Hunt and Darton Café, until 25 Aug (not 12, 19), 6.00pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Isobel Steer]