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High Plains (A Western Myth) (Five Cent Whisky)

By | Published on Sunday 11 August 2013

Alone on a dark, bare stage, drink in hand, one man tells a chilling tale. That’s it. It’s not only the story itself that challenges expectations – I waited a while for the stagnant staging to end and the action to start, but it never did. Perhaps it wasn’t necessary, as Brooklyn-based Brian Watkins’ writing and Ben Newman’s performance paint a thoroughly vivid picture. Perceptively detailed, whether it’s making you chuckle, shiver or wonder, it will always make you believe. Don’t gear up for a ghost story: the supernatural makes its presence felt, but it’s the human elements that will have you hooked. Higher plains are in sight, yet what is most commendable is this production’s humility. It’s refreshing to see such minimalist, honestly emotional acting.

Underbelly Cowgate, until 25 Aug (not 12), 1.40pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Amber-Page Moss]

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