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Hanging Bruce-Howard (Gone Rogue Productions)

By | Published on Tuesday 20 August 2013

Living room farce with an alcoholic actor protagonist; cue neurotic gay playwrights, incompetent Polish plumbers, fist fights and hidden bodies. Jolly good fun for some maybe, but you can’t shift the sense that it’s a bit old hat for a young company, and perforated with cliché and stereotype that demonstrates a mind-boggling lack of self-awareness. It’s hampered by weak writing and a lead actor, who though trying his damnedest, just isn’t watchable enough to pull off the character of endearingly self-absorbed dandy, though admittedly being the first performance this could improve. Chuck in a couple of AIDS jokes and the end result is resoundingly off. Tired, unoriginal and poorly executed, it may sharpen slightly during the rest of their run, but only a miraculous rewrite could truly save this.

C nova, until 26 Aug, 12.05pm.
tw rating 2/5 | [Holly Sharp]