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Fourplay (New Celts Productions And Lady Muck Productions)

By | Published on Wednesday 21 August 2013

Rather than delving into the heart of modern relationships, “Fourplay’ tinkered around the edges. The strong acting was perhaps diluted by a feebler script, with a plot revolving around a couple who no longer communicate with each other. Their predicament was moving at times, but ultimately failed to prompt much sympathy. The metatheatricality of an affair between two actors piqued interest, but the third relationship was just bizarre. Jumping from raunchy to poignant to humorous, ‘Fourplay’ showcased an array of acting skills against a great soundtrack. Alan McKenzie was credible as Tom, provoking laughter with his character’s occasional insensitivity. Though the ending was uninspiring and the scripting sometimes dropped to mediocrity, this was still a harmlessly enjoyable production.

theSpace on the Mile, until Aug 23 (odd dates only), 2.10pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Sophie Baggott]