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Embers (Edinburgh International Festival / Pan Pan Theatre Company)

By | Published on Saturday 31 August 2013

This striking production of Samuel Beckett’s challenging radio play ‘Embers’ is a master class in light, sound and set design. Sculptor Andrew Clancy’s enormous and frankly astonishing skull confronts the audience from centre stage, with the two actors performing hidden within it. Removing all potential movement from the piece, Henry’s attempts to communicate with his deceased father, telling unfinished stories on a deserted beach, is only heard, not seen. Rather than stagnate the story, the lack of moving visual stimuli heightens the brilliance of the lighting design and the wonderfully overbearing sound. ‘Embers’ leaves many questions unanswered, but this is down to Beckett’s ambiguity, not the production; even without any actors in view, this was visually stunning, and impressively captivating.

Kings Theatre, 25 Aug, times vary.
tw rating 4/5 | [Polly Davidson]