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Death By Shakespeare (Hurly Burly)

By | Published on Monday 19 August 2013

This is a bloody, Shakespearian ‘Hunger Games’, where you can choose which character to save from a grisly end. This polished production rests on the large and extremely talented cast, who use physical theatre and choral voice to guide the audience through the macabre deaths of each character. Ophelia’s drowning scene in particular is imaginatively conveyed. They do comedy as brilliantly as they do tragedy, with the death scene of Pyramus providing some light relief from the carnage. However, the tendency to re-assign lines to different characters may irritate literary purists, and the sometimes misplaced chronology can be confusing (such as Juliet stabbing herself before rising and continuing to talk). Nevertheless, this is an absolute must-see for Shakespeare fans.

theSpace @ Venue45, 9, 10 Aug, 2.05pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Isobel Steer]