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Choose Your Own Documentary By Nathan Penlington (CYOD Ltd)

By | Published on Saturday 10 August 2013

A set of books you loved as a kid are for sale online. Do you 1) ignore or 2) bid, glad you don’t have to save Weetabix tokens? Nathan Penlington did the latter, resulting in this quirky homage to the 1980s Choose Your Own Adventure series. Finding a diary with the books, Penlington and a film crew set out to locate its owner. Their documentary is shown here, but with a twist: mimicking the books, in which readers’ choices determine the story, the audience influences the film they see by voting. A clever premise and, with 1566 potential outcomes, indisputably different. However, despite both humour and pathos, some drawn-out film clips meant the ending felt slightly too long in coming.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, until 26 Aug (not 14), 1.30pm.
tw rating 3/5 [Sarah Richardson]