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Cheesed Off (Blanket Theatre / Laughing Horse Free Festival)

By | Published on Saturday 31 August 2013

Desiree is a poverty-stricken dairy farmer with a fear of flying. Melinda is a successful corporate executive who, after making a number of unscrupulous choices, finds herself on the run. Circumstance throws them together and from it comes a light-hearted and pleasantly entertaining tale. The two actors that make up this show’s ensemble put on a commendable performance, packed with enthusiasm and authenticity. Their production was impaired, however, by a meandering plot and cheesy songs that felt out of place alongside the acting. The dismal and wholly irrelevant gags also made the audience uncomfortable, and at times there was visible cringing. But in spite of this, you cannot help but appreciate the performances.

Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters, until 25 Aug, 12.30pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Stephen Maughan]