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Canary Gold (Théâtre Sans Frontières UK & Teatro Tamaska Canary Islands)

By | Published on Tuesday 27 August 2013

Lavish and ambitious, ‘Canary Gold’, feels like a missed opportunity. An intriguing, multi-lingual script, a capable cast and imaginative use of props give the play a solid platform to expand upon, but it never really gets started. Hampered by some misguided musical interludes and a truly dire ending (in truth, it is no ending at all), ‘Canary Gold’ peters out every time it appears to be gathering pace. Covering a period of 500 years, it looks at the international wine trade, who are the bankers and who are pirates? The plot weaves between the decades well, but it gets side-tracked and lost between different ideas, meaning it struggles to remain consistent. A shame, really, as it could have been very good.

C, until 26 Aug, 12.10pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Joseph Trotter]