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Bedding Out (Liz Crowe / Hix Productions / Escalator East To Edinburgh)

By | Published on Tuesday 20 August 2013

People on benefits. Scroungers? Shirkers? Just lazy? If you’ve ever thought these things flippantly, or even with contempt, Liz Crowe offers you an opportunity to meet the so-named minority. This durational protest piece tries to highlight the moments and cost of physical/mental impairment unaccounted for by bureaucracy and tabloid articles. Periodic discussions are candid and mainly level-headed with questions about equality, the role of welfare and the kind of society we want to live in. For the unaware, this is a valuable insight into lives beyond our own. For those more familiar with the unsettling truths of disability and welfare this is an opportunity for camaraderie. It’s just a shame there weren’t more of the uninitiated in the room to inspire debate.

Pleasance Hunt and Darton Cafe, 9-10 Aug, 1.00pm, 5.00pm, 9.00pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Andrew Pollard]