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According To Oscar (The Mercators)

By | Published on Tuesday 13 August 2013

One of Edinburgh’s longest-running amateur dramatics groups, the Mercators return with their annual celebration of a famous author, this year returning to Oscar Wilde. After a disarmingly humble introduction from their director, we are asked to applaud the actors onto the stage and are set for a night of charming DIY spirit and church hall enthusiasm. Regrettably, the performance simply cannot sustain our attention for an hour. The writing is good, of course, but the scenes from Wilde’s plays would make no sense to anyone who hadn’t read the originals, and the actors don’t change their performance style as often as they do roles. Only worth it if you’re related to a member of the company or if you really, really love Wilde.

Mayfield Salisbury Church, until 9 Aug, 6.00pm.
tw rating 2/5 | [James Hampson]