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A Reason To Smile (Blue Tree Theatre Company)

By | Published on Monday 26 August 2013

Like the relationship it so explores, ‘A Reason To Smile’ has its ups and downs. The writing is rather good, containing poignant, apt observations on the workings of relationships and on people’s inner emotions. There were moments, certainly, where the action could have been very moving indeed. Yet, the acting seemed to lack the lustre of the writing, and the play lost some of the emotional depth hinted at in the script. Also, some of the physical scenes seemed slightly arbitrary to the plot, despite the clear dancing ability of Lucy Ioannon. Yet, in amongst these flaws my emotions still were piqued by the characters, even if by dislike. This production just seemed to lack delivery on a good premise.

theSpace @ Venue 45, until 24 Aug, 11.10am.
tw rating 3/5 | [Samuel Evan Graydon]