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Status Anxiety And Piece Of Mind (Emma Jayne Park and Jackin’ the Box)

By | Published on Monday 12 August 2013

Social networks not only changed our way of communicating, but also how we express ourselves. Through Hip Hop, this two-piece performance explores the way society has been transformed by our computerised lives. In ‘Status Anxiety,’ choreographer Emma Jayne Park combines robotic dance steps with acting to give movement to the world of Facebook. While interacting with the audience, the choreography develops into the story of our technological reality. The atmosphere intensifies through the electronic music of Murcof and Daft Punk. ‘Peace of Mind’ dives into the hidden thoughts of our minds. The strong movements and the intensity brought by the all-female dance group are convincingly menacing. Ultimately, these energetic performances are an invitation to re-think the role that technology and communication have had in our lives.

Dance Base, until 17 Aug, times vary.
tw rating 4/5 | [Natalia Equihua]