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Sluts Of Possession (Rosie Kay / Guilherme Miotto / Louis Price)

By | Published on Monday 12 August 2013

The blurb says you’ll be plunged into a “primitive, possessed state”, so perhaps I was meant to fall asleep in ‘Sluts of Possession’. Repetitive rhythms, violent movement and face-paint streaked faces are key components of what is a confusing 45 minutes. The set is vaguely futuristic, films of tribal communities are projected on a silver foil screen. The movement was razor sharp and relentless; if nothing else, I’ll applaud any dancer who’s sweating enough to fill a bucket yet doesn’t break step once. No fault in the execution, it’s the content that leaves me at sea. Saying that, there were whoops and cheers at the end, so perhaps it’s something brilliant that just zinged over my head.

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tw rating 2/5 | [Holly Sharp]