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Arthur’s Quest – A Medieval Musical (Augment Productions)

By | Published on Sunday 18 August 2013

Speaking in rhyming couplets, the self-assured narrator introduced us to the story that was about to unfold: a folk music infused portrayal of this Arthurian legend, full of playful acting, sweet-voiced singing, and a bad pun or two. The show also featured some novel technical aspects, which were particularly admired by the abundant infants in the audience. I loved that the music was played live by the actors, with the multi-talented bunch singing skilfully, and playing violin, flute and accordion, to name but a few. But sadly, proceedings lacked the edge that would have taken things to the next level. It is what it is: light entertainment for old and young alike, full of fun, whimsy and woe.

theSpace @ Venue45, until 17 Aug (not 4, 11), 3.10pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Victoria Beardwood]