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Theo Gibson (Theo Gibson)

By | Published on Friday 16 August 2013

After reading Theo Gibson’s flyer, I expected to be wowed with ingenious mash-ups of songs from vastly contrasting genres. How wrong I was. The Ed Sheeran wannabe, kitted out with his own baby martin tenor guitar (even inscribed with an orange ‘T’) seemed more suited to the parental garage than Grassmarket. From an out of tune guitar to a lack of imaginative covers, the entire evening suffered from an overwhelmingly amateurish stench. His slightly sheepish vocals did have a nice tone, and despite lacking control of the upper vocal register, Gibson proves a talented singer. But it’s not enough to save an inexperienced, badly planned and ultimately disappointing show.

Sweet Grassmarket, until 11 Aug, 6.15pm.
tw rating 2/5 | [Peter Dorman]