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Cassetteboy Vs DJ Rubbish (CKP / Coalition Talent)

By | Published on Wednesday 21 August 2013

YouTube sensation Cassetteboy has teamed up with rapper DJ Rubbish to put together a mediocre club night interspersed occasionally with comedy. This is a highly ambitious project that tries to combine Cassetteboy’s cultural mash-ups with the demands of a semi-drunk group of clubbers looking for a night out. Sadly, there simply wasn’t enough comedy to call this event a complete success with typical, but enjoyable, club anthems dominating the set. That being said, Cassetteboy makes the night worthwhile despite his limited involvement in the show, with hilarious parodies of Jeremy Kyle and Crufts. On the whole, the night made for an enjoyable experience and if you like clubbing and Cassetteboy, this could be for you.

Pleasance Dome, until 25 Aug (not 12-14, 19-21), 00.30am.
tw rating 3/5 | [Stephen Maughan]