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Africa Entsha (Africa Entsha)

By | Published on Saturday 24 August 2013

Other a cappella groups should take note of the talented men of ‘Africa Entsha’. With a name that means ‘New Africa’ in Zulu, these singers from Soweto bring humour, emotion and spirit to the stage. Their smiles are so infectious; not only do they have a great time, they make sure the audience has an amazing time too, with a repertoire comprising a mixture of traditional African melodies, gospel and jazz with some notable covers including ‘Fever’ and ‘Stand By Me’. Their impressive vocals, ranging from deep bass to high falsetto were complemented by the acoustics of the beautiful St John’s Episcopal Church, while their enthusiasm and energy was reflected in their choreography, and I was amazed they had breath left to sing.

Just Festival at St John’s, until 26 Aug (not 3, 11, 25), 8.00pm or 4.00pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Samantha Strachan]